Teen Summit

Axis I, along with DIG, CUP, Young Men of God, and the YES Club, came together on March 25, 2017 to host Barnwell County’s 1st Annual Teen Summit. These groups and local teens gathered at the Williston-Elko District Auditorium to hear inspiring stories from  Rafael Bush & Joann Doctor. The students also participated in group sessions. Group sessions were conducted by DHEC about STI’s and Teen Pregnancy, and Cave Funeral Home about distracted driving and the cost to the family left behind. Finally the students participated in a mock courtroom trial. The mock trials featured 4 different situations; 10 minor in possession, 20 driving under the influence of alcohol, 30, criminal domestic violence, 40 failure to pay child support. Sargent Logan, of the Williston Police Department, stood in as our judge and handed out verdicts to those lucky enough to be charged with a crime. He also conducted Field Sobriety Tests for several of the students.

We had a wonderful, and educational day with all who attended. While the students went around to all of the presenters, the parents went in to a parent presentation given by Pam Rush, Director of Prevention Services with Axis I. Parents were given tools to talk with their teens about drugs, alcohol and teen sexual behaviors. They were also enlightened on ways teens are hiding alcohol and drugs.

Please stay tuned for next year’s Teen Summit, we hope to make it bigger and better every year.

“You can’t do better if you don’t know better! Education is the key to success!”

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