Cigarette smoking

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Teens and young adults who vape are significantly more likely than those who do not vape – about four times as likely – to end up smoking traditional cigarettes. This is true of young people who never smoked cigarettes and … Read More

Awareness @ the Park

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Don’t miss our event at Barnwell State Park on Aug 10, 2-5 pm! Enjoy FREE food, gift cards, swag bags, games, and explore various vendors. Plus, be entertained by a live performance from Dylan Carter of The Voice. Fun for the whole family! Mark your calendar and join us for a great time!

Hooking a New Generation

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The tobacco industry needs to replace older smokers. Like cigarette companies, vape companies have focused their efforts on young people. Why? Getting a person to start as a teen can make a lifetime customer. It’s well known among health professionals … Read More

What Types of Problems Should I Report to the FDA?

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What Types of Problems Should I Report to the FDA? FDA is interested in reports from consumers, manufacturers, clinical investigators, and health professionals about tobacco products that: are damaged are defective are contaminated smell or taste wrong FDA wants to … Read More

Cigars, Cigarillos, Little Filtered Cigars 

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A cigar is a roll of tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco or in a substance that contains tobacco. Most cigars are combustible tobacco products. They vary in size—from smaller cigars, such as little filtered cigars or cigarillos, to larger ones, … Read More