Prevention Services

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Prevention services are designed to help Barnwell County citizens of all ages avoid the dangers of using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Prevention services strive to prevent young people from experimenting with these substances, as well as to prevent the development of problems among specific high-risk groups and the public at large. Prevention services are based on principals of sound research and evidenced-based practices. Services are designed to identify and reduce factors that place an individual or a community at risk of experiencing problems, while at the same time strengthening other identifiable factors that can help protect individuals and communities from developing such problems.

The Axis I Center of Barnwell’s Prevention program is proactive and evidenced-based/ evidenced-informed, striving to reduce individual, family, and environmental risk factors, increase resiliency, enhance protective factors, and achieve individual and comprehensive community wellness through a team / collaborative approach. The philosophy of the agency’s Prevention Program is to utilize strategies designed to keep individuals, families, groups, and the community healthy and free from the problems related to alcohol or other drug use; physical illness, parent/child conflict, suicide prevention, , truancy in the home and community; to inform / increase the awareness of the problems associated with those issues among the general public; and to intervene with at-risk individuals so as to reduce or eliminate the problem behavior. Axis I Center prevention services provide information, education, alternatives, community development, and influence public policy in all sectors of Barnwell County. Sectors reached include the individual, family, civic organizations, human service agencies, faith-based organizations, businesses, schools, law enforcement, and the community of Barnwell County. These programs are educational rather than clinical in concept with their ultimate goal being to increase people’s capabilities for developing healthy, drug-free lifestyles. The Axis I Center believes that Primary P0revention is a proactive process which empowers individuals and systems to meet the challenges of life events and transitions by creating and reinforcing healthy behavior and lifestyles and by reducing risks contributing to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug misuse/abuse and related problems. Prevention programs are provided in local schools, workplace, faith-based organizations, businesses, and in the community at large.

The ultimate goal for any alcohol, tobacco, and other drug effort is change in behavior that promotes health and wellness. Prevention initiatives are based on comprehensive work plans that focus upon collective behavior changes within groups of people. Prevention strategies will be Universal, Selected, or Training. Prevention efforts are aimed at selecting the best strategies to influence these collective changes. The “community” is our client.

The Axis I Center of Barnwell’s prevention/education programs do not discriminate on service recipients or colleagues based on race, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, and socioeconomic conditions, physical, medical or mental disability.

For more information on Prevention Services, call 803-541-1245.