Merchant Education/Server Training

Merchant Education/Server Training
PREP (Palmetto Retailers Education Program)
The Axis I Center offers comprehensive Merchant Education to retail outlets who sell alcohol and tobacco products.

What is Prep?

The Palmetto Retailers Education Program is a four-hour course that helps reduce underage access to alcohol and tobacco products in our communities, while also lowering the liability risks for businesses and their employees. Developed by LRADAC and Circle Park Behavioral Health Services, the curriculum provides managers and servers/sellers with the knowledge and skills to comply with state-, community- and establishment- level alcohol and tobacco policies, and to avoid the potential consequences of failing to comply with those policies.

By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Recognize that they have a legal responsibility not to sell alcohol or tobacco products to underage youth
  • Understand key state laws about selling alcohol and tobacco products in South Carolina and the correct procedures for checking and ID
  • Understand how to refuse service to underage youth and intoxicated customers

PREP is the ONLY merchant education program in South Carolina that covers all of the following issues:

  • Off-premise alcohol sales practices
  • On-premise alcohol sales practices
  • Tobacco sales practices
  • Development of manager/supervisor sales policies
  • Keg registration

The two-and-a-half hour session covers many relevant issues, including:

  • Alcohol and tobacco laws and consequences
  • Checking IDs
  • Fake IDs
  • Handing difficult situations
  • Cutting off service
  • Reducing liability of employees and businesses

Did you know?

  • The penalty for a person charged with selling alcohol to someone under the age of 21 is up to $680 and /or up to 30 days in prison, and mandatory completion of an approved merchant education program?
  • Individuals who sell alcohol improperly can be sued is a customer is injured?
  • The penalty for a person charged with selling tobacco products to someone under the age of 18 can include up to $480 in fines?

Merchant Education through the Axis I Center offers participants:
• 3-5 hour training by a certified instructor, either on site or at the Axis I Center.
• A customized program that meets your business needs.
• Program materials and manuals for each participant.
• Training on current state laws, fake ID’s, and liability issues.
• Includes video-scenarios and group interaction.
• 1 year Merchant Education certification.
• A preventing underage tobacco sales component.

Persons interested in scheduling a PREP merchant education class should contact Pam Rush, Director of Prevention Services, at 541-1245 ext. 246.