Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Services

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Services
The Axis I Center of Barnwell serves as the vendor for adolescent pregnancy prevention services in Barnwell County. The agency has served as the vendor for adolescent pregnancy prevention services for the past 20 years. As a result of their efforts, the teen birth rate among Barnwell County adolescents has decreased.

From the peek in 1991, Barnwell’s teen birth rate has dropped 70%.Teen birth rates have decreased substantially among both younger and older teens and have decreased across racial groups ( 15.1% among white teens and 37% among African American teens). In 2015, there were 18 total births to teens aged 15-19 year olds (7 teen births among 15-17 year olds and 11 among females aged 18-19 years). In 2014, Barnwell County had 37 teen births.

In October 2016, the Axis I Center of Barnwell and its 19 partners received a two-year Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Grant. The 2016-2018 Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Grant is funded through the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy by SCDEHC, and Federally Funded  by Family and Youth Services Bureau, Administration on Children, Youth and Families (USDHHS).

Our Community Workgroup Partners-

Rachel Wall,
Barnwell School District #45
Cathy Smith,
Williston Elko School District #29
Dr. Carolyn Anderson,
Barnwell Elementary School, District #45
Linda Mack,
Williston Elko School District #29
Cecilia Price,
Blackville School District #19
Marlena Ray,
Ashleigh Place
Dr. Mizoura Ashe,
Williston Elko School District #29
Matt Mullen,
Barnwell County YMCA
Sheila Silon,
Barnwell County DHEC
Unika Milhouse,
Barnwell County DSS
Jess Wilbanks,
Barnwell County United Way
Jeffery Ray,
Healing Springs Baptist Church
Charlene Cohen,
Barnwell County DJJ
Denise Cone,
Low Country Healthcare
Ashley Barnes,
Low Country Healthcare
Sarah O'neal, FNP-C,
Low Country Healthcare
Terry Richardson,
Denise Rivera,
SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Katrina Birt,
Early Steps, Blackville School District #19
Rebecca Williams-Agee,
Regan Wilkie,
Kiffany Perlote,
Reggie Ford,
Condom Access Partner
Sondra Thomas,
Second Baptist Church
Shanikia Dukes,
Ned Branch Baptist Church
Crissy Stephens,
Barnwell School District #45