Making Proud Choices for Youth in Out-Of-Home Care

We know that:

  • Almost 1/2 of youth who ever lived in foster care are underage 16 when they have sex for the first time, compared to 1/3 of all other youth.
  • Youth in foster care are less likely to use contraception the first time they have sex, compared to their non-foster care peers.
  • Young adults who ever lived in foster care are nearly twice as likely to have had a teen birth and are more likely to have had an STI.

What is Making Proud Choices for Youth in Out-of-Home Care?

Evidence-Based curriculum:

Making Proud Choices! is an evidence based, interactive, evidence-informed sexual health curriculum, designed to help teens understand behaviors that put them at risk for pregnancy, HIV and other STIs, and to empower teens to reduce this risk through healthy decision- making.

  1. Key Goals:Increase knowledge of pregnancy, STIs/HIV & safer sex, including contraception & condom use
  2. Increase perceived vulnerability to STIs/HIV & pregnancy
  3. Build confidence & skills to negotiate abstinence and/or condom use with partners
  4. Bolster positive beliefs regarding safer sex
  5. Build confidence and skills to practice abstinence and use condoms correctly

Ten 75-min Modules:

  1. Setting the Stage and Making Your Dreams Come True
  2. Relationships and Consequences of sex
  3. The Consequences of Sex: Pregnancy
  4. The Consequences of Sex: STIs
  5. The Consequences of Sex: HIV
  6. Attitudes and Beliefs about HIV/AIDS and condom Use
  7. Sexuality Information Update
  8. Strategies for Preventing HIV Infection: Stop, Think, Act
  9. Developing Condom Use & Negotiation Skills
  10. Enhancing Refusal & Negotiation


  • DVD clips
  • Games
  • Brainstorming
  • Role-playing
  • Small-group discussion
  • Goal-setting
  • Condom demonstration


Making Proud Choices Out of Home

Making Proud Choices Out of Home 2