Nu-CULTURE is a Healthy Futures classroom-based relationship education program for grades 6-8. Dedicated to Cultivating Urban Leaders Through Unique Relationship Education, (NU- CULTURE) this program provides youth with the tools and resources needed to make and maintain healthy choices and be positive role models in their communities.

Nu-CULTURE is a 24 session program developed by Healthy Futures that provides middle school students with the knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy necessary to delay sexual activity and avoid the risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Nu-CULTURE includes a variety of engaging activities designed to maximize student participation, including small group activities, role-plays, audiovisual materials, and daily parent connection forms.

Nu-Culture helps students understand the risk associated with early sexual activity and develops skills necessary to make healthy decisions and avoid risky behaviors. The program emphasizes increasing skills and self-efficacy in communication and refusal skills using through age appropriate, medically accurate information about teen pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections, and other sexual health topics. Nu-CULTURE includes daily parent connection forms designed to engage parents in the topics covered and encourage open parent-teen communication.


Nu- CULTURE Goals:

**  Influence attitudes, behavioral and normative belief, and self-efficacy regarding healthy relationship choices and risk-reduction behaviors by creating a Nu-CULTURE where healthy choices are supported by peers and family.

**  Strengthen beliefs about the benefits of delaying sexual activity.

**  Share accurate information on contraception.

**  Increase intentions to delay sexual activity.

**  Develop leaders to be positive role models to their peers and communities.