Healthy Young People Empowerment (HYPE)/Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

The Healthy Young People Empowerment Project (HYPE)
Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina partnered with the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to create the Healthy Young People Empowerment Project (HYPE). It was created through funding from the federal Community Transformation Grant, as a part of the Healthy South Carolina Initiative, to motivate and engage youth (ages 12-17) in policy, systems, and environmental change efforts.

Barnwell County’s HYPE team

Barnwell County’s HYPE team is made up of students from the Barnwell County High Schools. In 2017, these students conducted a needs assessment of their community to assess where active living and access to healthy foods could be improved. While doing an assessment of Barnwell County, these students noticed that there was an opportunity to impact families who spend their nights, during the Spring and Fall months, at the City of Barnwell recreation facilities.

2017 Barnwell County HYPE team Project

The HYPE team made a plan to speak with the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Barnwell. They made a list of healthy snack items they would like to see added to the concession stand at Lemon Park. They took this list to the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Barnwell, and presented her with the data related to health disparities for Barnwell County. After showing her the statistics, she agreed to do a trial run of fresh fruits and vegetables in the concession stand during a weekend sports camp.

An evaluation of the healthy snacks determined that the players and their parents enjoyed and appreciated having a healthy option available. For the Spring T-Ball/Baseball season, the Recreation Department continued to have fresh fruits and vegetables available in the concession stands.


Below, is the video of the Barnwell County HYPE team’s healthy concessions project.