Safety Assessments for Barnwell County Schools

In an effort to encourage activity, ESMMBC strives to make Barnwell County safer for walking and biking. Part of this commitment to providing more opportunities for walking and biking, ESMMBC partners with SC Safe Routes to School to do Safety Assessments at our local Elementary and Middle schools. SC Safe Routes to School, SCDOT, SCDHEC, and ESMMBC come together and observe Drop Off/ Pick Up practices for the schools and supply recommendations for more efficient and  safer practices. ESMMBC then comes in and provides the schools with the materials needed to implement these practices. As of March 2017, The following schools have participated in this effort: Macedonia Elementary, Barnwell Primary, Barnwell Elementary, Guinard Butler Middle School, Kelly Edwards Elementary, and Williston-Elko Middle School. Below you can see some of the pictures from these assessment and the supplies that were provided.