Board Members

The Axis I Center of Barnwell has a 12 member Board of Directors, that is appointed by the Barnwell County Council. There are 4 seats for each of the 3 school districts in Barnwell County- Barnwell, Williston, and Blackville. The Board of Directors provides effective and ethical leadership on behalf of Person’s Served, Barnwell County Citizens and Stakeholders, ensuring that Axis I’s purpose and mission for the people of Barnwell County results in long-term success and sustainability. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring Axis I is managed effectively, efficiently,  and ethically by those holding the Executive Director position. The duties of this position will include, but are not limited to, review and approve agency policies and practices, regular performance evaluations, and written duties of the Executive Director and Board of Directors to ensure that strategies, plans and decisions are awarded to the entity that will best advance the performance and interest of Axis I. The Board of Directors holds its duties under the authority of public trust and understands its responsibilities to Axis I’s employees, stakeholders, and the community it serves. The Axis I Board of Directors meet bi-monthly during the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November.


Ada ChappelRetha CorleyRebecca Dorch
Ann Pernell (Chair)Ronald Brown
Albert PressleyChantane Tobin
Ethel WashingtonNigel Abner

Executive Director: Pam Rush