Client Rights

Rights of Persons Served

Persons served by the Axis I Center of Barnwell will be served with dignity and respect. The Axis I Center staff will observe the following procedures to ensure the protection of the rights of persons served:


1. All persons served will be informed of their rights in a way that is
understandable to them at initiation of service delivery during the Intake process. Clients will electronically sign the Orientation / Intake Form indicating that they have received and been informed of their “Client Rights”. Persons served will be informed of their rights annually if they are enrolled in a program for more than one year.
2. Communication of client rights will initially be provided to the person served
through the Client Orientation Handbook. The Rights of Persons Served will be communicated in a way that is understandable by the client and may include a verbal presentation of their rights, large print version, translation in a different language, or use of a personal representative if necessary.
3. Rights of the persons served policies and procedures will be posted in the
agency’s waiting and group areas and included in the Client Orientation Handbook.
4. Axis I Center staff will protect client confidentiality at all times as outlined in
the statues in the Federal Registry 42CFR Part 2. All information of persons
served shall remain confidential and private unless a release of information
form is signed (electronically or hard copy) by persons served granting such
release. Staff are to follow 42CFR confidentiality guidelines and HIPAA
guidelines so as to maintain persons served confidentiality and privacy.
Clients will electronically sign the Orientation / Intake Form indicating that
they have been informed of how their information will remain confidential
including the “Protection of Personal Health Information and Client
5. Release of information forms must identify:
a. The name of the person to whom the information is to be released.
b. The content of information to be released.
c. To whom (agency) the information is to be released.
d. The purpose for which the information is to be released.
e. The date the release form is signed.
f. The date, event, or condition in which the release authorization expires.
g. Information as to how and when the authorization can be revoked.
h. The electronic signature of the person who is legally authorized to sign the
6. Persons served by the Axis I Center of Barnwell will be free from abuse,
financial or other exploitation, retaliation, humiliation, and neglect. Persons
served who feel their rights have been violated may report in writing any
violations of the above. (See grievance policy and procedure).
Staff are to ensure that persons served are free from abuse, financial or
other exploitation, retaliation, humiliation, and neglect while in services at the
Axis I Center.
7. Physical, psychological and sexual abuse of persons served is strictly
8. Physical punishment and neglect of persons served is strictly prohibited.
9. Staff are strictly prohibited from discrimination due to age, gender, gender
identification, spiritual beliefs, and sexual or cultural orientation towards
persons served.
10. Clients have the right to review their file, ask for clarification of their rights,
and/or ask for a clarification of the services being offered or provided to them.
Clinical staff will provide persons served with information relevant to
immediate, pending, and potential future service needs so as to facilitate the
client’s decision making regarding treatment services. This will include
notification of fees and billing.
11. Persons served shall demonstrate their consent to treatment by
electronically signing the Orientation and Informed Consent at Orientation
and Intake.
12. Persons served have the right to consent to, refusal of, or expression of their
treatment regarding (1) service delivery, (2) release of information, (3)
concurrent services, (4) composition of service delivery team, (5)
participation in research projects.
13. Issues pertaining to the health and safety of persons served will be
considered top priority by agency staff at all times.
14. All staff will provide persons served with a full range of resources, including:
A. Legal entities for appropriate representation;
B. Self-help Support Groups;
C. Advocacy Support Groups
15. Staff will adhere to all research guidelines if applicable when persons served
are involved. Staff must have persons served sign appropriate release of
information forms if client is to be involved in any research conducted by the
16. The Axis I Center allows persons served access to review their
records upon request. The client must put their request in writing and give it
to their primary counselor. The primary counselor will make an appointment
with the client / persons served for date and time of file review. The client
should be notified of appointment date within 7 days of written request.
17. The Axis I Center staff will demonstrate and protect when necessary property
of the client.
18. Clinical services / personal care will be provided in a manner to ensure the
privacy of persons served.
17. Persons served will have the right to report their grievances in writing when
they feel their rights have been violated. (See Grievance Procedure.) All
grievances or alleged infringements of rights will be investigated and
resolved. Whenever a person served feels that their rights have been
violated, infringed upon or that they have been mistreated in any way, they
may file a formal grievance in writing to the Axis I Center. This action will in
no way result in retaliation or barriers to services. They also have the right to
appeal decisions of the Axis I Center of Barnwell’s staff members or
decisions of the leadership team in the following manner:
(1). The person served will describe in writing the event, date, time,
name(s) or person(s) involved and any other pertinent information
concerning the grievance. The written complaint will be submitted to
the Axis I Center Treatment Director.
(2). The Treatment Director will review the complaint upon receipt and will
Document receipt of complaint on the grievance report log.
(3). The Treatment Director will investigate the complaint and respond in
writing to the complaint within three (3) working days.
(4). The person served and all parties involved will have the opportunity
to give further details or evidence regarding the complaint.
(5). If no satisfactory resolution can be reached, the complaint will be
brought before the Leadership Team, which are obligated to
respond in writing within five (5) working days.
(6). If, after this time, there is still no satisfactory resolution, the grievance
will be forwarded to the Executive Director, Cheryl Azouri Long, who
will have ten (10) working days to respond in writing.
(7). If there is still no satisfactory resolution, the patient can file a formal
grievance with one or both of the following:
(a)SC DAODAS, Executive Director, P.O. Box 8268, Columbia, South
Carolina 29202;
(b)SC DHEC, Bureau of Health Facilities Licensing, 2600 Bull Street,
Columbia, South Carolina 29201.
(c)ADSAP clients will follow the procedures outlined in the ADSAP Standards and
Policy manual.
(8). All grievances and appeals will be documented on the Grievance
Report Log and filed in the Treatment Director’s Binder. At the end
of the fiscal year, the Treatment Director will analyze the complaints
received to determine if there are any trends and to identify areas for
performance improvement. A Year-End Report will be provided to
the QIS Coordinator for inclusion in the agency Annual Management
(9). See Axis I Center’s Grievance Policy and Procedure.