Adult Outpatient

Adult Outpatient

The Axis I Center of Barnwell offers outpatient services during the day and evening hours. Our goal is to make treatment services available and convenient for our clients.

Substance abuse is the kind of problem that can quickly become out of control and can negatively affect all aspects of life. The related problems may be physical, emotional, at work or school, or in relationships.

Treatment can begin with a single phone call asking for help. Anyone who comes to the Axis I Center to receive treatment services begins with a thorough evaluation. This clinical assessment may take more than one visit and is conducted by specifically trained staff.

Information is gathered on the problems, current needs, as well as strengths of each person. Each case is reviewed with a multi-disciplinary treatment team using nationally accepted criteria such as American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM).
An individualized treatment plan is then developed with each client to guide and measure the progress in the recommended services.

Treatment is offered in phases and through several modalities: individual, group, and family sessions, as well as in different intensities, or levels, of care. Clients may participate in just one, or several, levels of care during their treatment experience.
Clients move through treatment at their own rate. Transitions from phases or levels of treatment are determined by the treatment team based on the client’s progress and current status.

Programs for Adult Outpatient Treatment include:

  • Assessment, Screening, Referral and Consultation services for new clients.
  • Outpatient Program is nonresidential and tailored to the needs of the client.
  • Case Management Services are provided to manage the care of each individual.
  • Peer Support Services are provided to link clients with additional support.
  • Crisis and Emergency Services is a partnership with local hospitals and mental health agencies to provide a screening, brief intervention, referral and treatment model for transitioning individuals from costly medical beds to community based outpatient and inpatient services.
  • Family Support programs include awareness classes, family unit sessions, and family member sessions.

Services offered in English and Spanish
For more information, please call (803) 541-1245.