What Types of Problems Should I Report to the FDA?

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What Types of Problems Should I Report to the FDA?

FDA is interested in reports from consumers, manufacturers, clinical investigators, and health professionals about tobacco products that:

  • are damaged
  • are defective
  • are contaminated
  • smell or taste wrong

FDA wants to know if you have experienced undesired health or quality problems that you believe may have been caused by use of a particular tobacco product. FDA also wants to know about undesired health or quality problems that may have been caused by being exposed to a tobacco product, even if you were not the user. 

These types of health or quality problems could include:

  • overheating, fires, explosions, or burns
  • seizures or other serious nervous system issues
  • toxic or allergic reactions
  • an unusual problem in a long-time user
  • foreign material in the product
  • problems with packaging, labeling or product parts

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